An Irish Family


I hope you enjoy and there is more to cum 

It was summer, although in Connemara, Galway, Ireland that only meant slightly less drizzle than other times of the year. The wind buffeted the the small collection of houses affectionately referred to by my family as The Village. I lived in a large house in the middle of the cluster with my mum dad and my 18 year old sister Ciara. the other smaller bungalows were all occupied by my extended family. Five of them were occupied my My Dads brothers and sisters, Bree, Erin, Finlay, Bran, and Dara along with their families. Bree and Erin were young newly wed couples that were both trying to start a family, Finlay and Dara both had 2 young children each with ages ranging from 2 to 9. Bran had a son Kevin who was my age, 19. there were two further cottages that my dads cousin Liam and Kelly lived in. Liam and his wive didn’t have children and showed no interest in wanting them, although they were happy to help take care of all the other children around. Kelly had two twin boys Sean and Aidan who were the same age as Ciara.

It had been easy to build new houses on the family land and the family had been so close that building the houses and living in a small community together had seemed like the natural thing to do. We were still a close family and would regularly gather in the big house to drink, sing and be merry. I was nervous about going off to university in Dublin next Autumn because it would mean leaving behind the very tight nit family environment I had grown up in, however I was determined to enjoy the long summer stretching out ahead of me.

It was a mildly overcast day in early summer when it all started. I pulled on my well used parka jacket, and stepped out into the paved courtyard between the houses with its distinctive jagged stone sticking up through the middle. The fresh sea breeze hit me immediately and I smiled as I inhaled the salty air. I strode across the courtyard to Uncle Bran’s house and opened the door, we didn’t bother knocking in The Village. I stuck my head inside “KEVIN” I yelled inside

“ONE SEC” his voice replied from deeper inside.

Aunt Ashling, Bran’s wife stuck her head out of a doorway frowning “Katie, you don’t have to yell, this isn’t a big house.”

“Sorry, but you know what Kevin’s like when he gets his head stuck in a book”

“True I think the house could collapse into the Sea and Kevin wouldn’t notice if he had his nose in a book” we laughed and then burst out laughing again as Kevin emerged from his room pulling on a worn brown leather jacket while still managing to read a thick book. He finished pulling on the jacket and looked up from the book only just noticing us still giggling.

“huh?” he questioned

“oh just put the book down and lets go” I said pulling him out of the house. Me and Kevin had grown up together and were like brother and sister and best friends.

We chatted aimlessly as we wandered down to the small dock my family had, with practiced actions we untied and cast off in the distinctive small black boat with a fresh sea blue trim. Kevin took the oars and pulled us expertly out of the dock into the swell of the Atlantic ocean. This was a trip we had done many times before, we headed out to on of the small islands that dot the western coast of Ireland.

This was our place, were you could be assured of total privacy no one else ever came here and even if one of the family had wanted to we only had one boat so once we were gone we were alone. We liked the sense of independence this gave us and as much as we both loved the family it was nice to have a bit of time alone where no adults could find you and ask you to do some chores. Kevin rowed in the lee of the island keeping the large Atlantic swells and wind to a minimum.

Closer to the island he swung the boat to the side and rowed around the side of the island into a small cove where we had constructed a crude dock which we tied up to and climbed out of the boat and scrambled over the rocks to the small sheltered beach.

This beach was my favorite place in the whole world, it was small only a few hundred meters across in the sheltered cove of a small uninhabited island, looking out to sea you could watch the wild Atlantic rollers heave by to break on the mainland. looking inland over a small duney patch of grass small rocky cliffs rose up to meet the wild rugged landscape of the small island. There was a cave in the cliff that we had occasionally spent the night in when an unexpected storm trapped up on the island, we had even spent a few days trapped there during a particularly wild season. we had brought up supply’s to fill the cave and we had food, blankets, torches, matches, firewood, Kevin and even brought a few books and wrapped them in waterproof sheets to protect them from the sea air. Now we grabbed some of the blankets and laid them down on the beach flopping down on them looking out over the churning, dark blue sea.

We chatted for ages mostly about both going to uni, I was going to Trinity collage in Dublin and Kevin was going over to England to study at Manchester University. The conversation started with how excited we both were but quickly went on the things were were scared or nervous about.

“You know what I most nervous about?” I said


I paused “….Sex” I replied eventually. “well I’m just nervous because most people will have done it already and I’ll still be a virgin and I won’t have a clue what I’m doing…” I start to babble my fears spilling out.

“I know what you mean, there hasn’t been a huge opportunity for an active sex life in the middle of nowhere” Kevin replied cutting off my babbling “Its not like we can just go to a club and pick someone up and then take them on an hours trip back to ours and I don’t fancy asking my dad to pick me up from some girls house in the morning.”

“I’m not sure Id even want to have my first time with some random person from a club anyway, I’ve heard the first time is supposed to hurt and I want it to be with someone I can trust. someone who will be gentle and not judge me if I’m rubbish.”

“Ha, sounds like we should have sex with each other” Kevin joked. I laughed and we sat in silence for a few moments both lost in our own thoughts, have sex with Kevin, bahaha, ewwwww, he is like a brother…but I do trust him…no don’t be silly… he is cute, nice and thin and toned… but also my cousin…how else can I have sex before Uni….aww crap I’m so horny I haven’t masturbated in ages…it was just a joke he dosn’t want to have sex with you it’s disgusting.

“I was just joking” Kevin said “that would be weird right? us having sex? your like my sister”

see I knew it, it would be weird he don’t want it shut up stupid horny brain

“yeah totally weird” I reply “although, we could…” shut up, shut up, SHUT UP, what are you doing “well we could talk about what we like and stuff give each other the other sex perspective so that we have some idea when we come to actually do it… with other people of course” oh god what did you do, he is going to think your sooo weird and perverted

“OK, that could be useful” Kevin smiled nervously oh god he said yes

“OK well when I… you know…” I gestured towards my crotch “I like to errmm just rub…” oh god this is embarrassing “errm rub gently around first not actually rub my…. err my…. clitoris” I said this last word very quietly, blushing furiously.

Kevin was blushing as much as I was “When I..”cough “masturbate I like to focus on the tip, well sort of. I like to do this.” he demonstrated by wrapping his hand round and invisible shaft and then placing a curved hand over the top where this tip of the penis would be so that his hands formed a mushroom shape. “but only once the pre-cum has started, it’s painful if I start to do it without lubrication”

“precum?” I questioned.

“It’s like cum but it sort of oozes out once I start to get excited. The first time I thought that was cumming and was very disappointed” I laughed at this, starting to feel more at ease.

“I like to rub all over my body when I’m …masturbating… especially up my stomach, around my breasts and my neck.”

“OK so if I’m doing stuff with a girl I should be running my hands over her?”

“yeah… Kind of like this” I placed my hand flat on my stomach so that my finger tips were just in between my legs and slowly drew it up my stomach until I was cupping my breast then closed the side of my thumb and forefinger together closing where my nipple would have been if my bra wasn’t in the way. Then I slowly slid upwards to massage my neck, throwing my head back and looking up into the overcast gray sky. “I like to vary the pressure from a firm contact with my whole hand to a light tingly brushing with just my finger tips.

As I looked back down I saw Kevin fiddling with his trousers and belt “what are you doing?”

He blushed “well I’m kinda hard and I was trying to tuck it behind my belt so you wouldn’t see” he smiled apologetically

“Ahh, well don’t worry about that, we are discussing sex it would probably be weird if you didn’t get hard” I couldn’t help glancing at the bulge in his trousers and I started to notice the moistness around my own crotch.

“Alright” he replied readjusting himself but no longer hiding it “well when I watch porn I think that cow girl looks like a really good position, I mean i suppose its personal preference so I’m not sure how much it will help you, but I think that the view looks great and they can do that thing with hips, just back and forth, I really like that”

“I like the look of cowgirl too…”

“Do you watch porn as well then?” Kevin interrupted

“Yeah sometimes, my favorite part of it is when the guys cums, I really like it. I love watching them tense up just before and shooting cum onto the girl, or into the girl I like it when they fill her up too.”

“Wow, well I can’t speak for anyone else but I think that’s hot.” he had to readjust himself again “I worry I wont be able find the clitoris, is that as important as people say?”

“YES” I nod emphatically “it’s very important you want to make sure you can find it!”

He opened his mouth to say something then paused. I waited for him and finally he started with a rush “could I try to find it…errm yours I mean, just so I know what I’m doing when I’m actually with someone” by this point I didn’t even try to stop myself, didn’t even try to persuade myself that it was weird and inappropriate. I nodded and I unbuttoned my jeans and started pulling them down with my panties. I slipped them off my feet and balled them up and put them behind my head as I lay back and opened my legs so that he could have a look. I was shaven down their because despite it being rare that it was sunny in Ireland I did like putting on a bikini and sunbathing on the beach and I didn’t want any hairs sticking out from the bikini. I could feel the cool breeze from the sea blowing against my exposed pussy. Kevin knelt down between my legs,cutting of the breeze “I can’t see it” he said

“You’ll have to move some of lips”

“You don’t mind me touching” he asked nervously

“Go ahead” I tried to sound calm but inside I was begging him to touch me

He lent in close, I could feel his warm breath on me, making me quiver. He gently touched my outer lips, I let out a little moan and he snatched his hand back “What? sor…”

“Don’t stop” I said, maybe a little too quickly. “I err…I was enjoying it”

“Oh OK” I could just see him blush between my legs. He moved in again gently and slowly peeled back my outer labia. I held me breath biting my bottom lip as I tried not to squirm in pleasure. “So which bit is it?” he asked

I reached down and took his hand, I got his index finger and guided up my inner labia towards my swollen clitoris. I gasped as I brushed his finger over it “There” I breathed

He took his hand away, however before I could complain he had placed it back right on top of my clit “So here?”

I managed to mumble a reply

“So do I just do this with it” He started rubbing in small slow circles.

“Mmmmmm yes, but change the speed every so often” I lay my head back as he started gently working my clit, faster and slower then faster again. I start to groan properly now unable to pretend I’m just letting him practice. I unzipped my coat drew my T-shirt over my head quickly unbuttoning my bra as I lay back moaning “Oh yesssssssss, thats good Kevin just like.. ohhhhh” every movement of his fingers was sending pulses of pleasure through me. Then suddenly he slipped his hand down and slid it quickly inside my vagina. I was so wet down there that I didn’t even realise what he was doing until he had slid his whole finger in.

I swallowed nervously suddenly aware of what we were doing. Kevin was like my brother and he had his finger shoved deep inside my vagina, and I loved it. I was more excited than I had ever been and could almost have orgasmed on the spot, but I held off. the longer I denied my orgasm the bigger it would be. Kevin curled his finger inside me pressing against the soft slippery skin inside me and just as I thought it couldn’t get any better I felt a warm moist touch on my clitoris.

I looked down unsure what he was doing and saw his face buried into my crotch and felt what I realised was his tongue start to flick quickly over my swollen sensitive clitoris. His free hand worked its way gently up my supple body reaching for m heaving breast, cupping and squeezing them as he continued to massage the inside of my snatch. “Oh god Kevin” my lithe body tensing as the pressure inside me grew to unbelievable levels. “oh my fucking god, yes! oh please, yes there just like that” My nipples were fully erect pointing upwards from the swaying white domes of my breasts. I grabbed his hair clenching tightly as he worked away between my legs.

I was so close and nearly at the peak of my desire, I started to buck my hips thrusting towards him pressing him into me but I was so wet that just as I was about to explode he slipped and he lost my clitoris and I couldn’t finish, I was denied. He found my engorged bean again quickly and soon I was nearly there but it happened again, I writhed to much, got too excited and he lost it. I cried out in a mixture of longing and frustration. Inside me it was like a tempest of lust, desire,craving and excitement swirling around, initially just in my lower abdomen but it grew and grew filling my body with its carnal greed for satisfaction, getting closer and closer until finally as he moved with my squirming body I finally reached my peak and I nearly blacked out. My head was spinning and my whole body quivered my muscles tensing uncontrollably my back arching up from the sheet we had laid on the beach. My fingers curled up digging into the sand, then my body started to relax just for a fraction of a second before the next waved rolled over me, again and again. I had no control of my body it was there quivering on the beach and my mind was light and soaring in the air… amid a firework display… amid a galaxy of stars going supernova.

It took a while for my body to stop twitching and even then whenever Kevin touched me it sent a little electric jolt through me causing me to gasp. I just lay there waiting for strength to return to my muscles watching Kevin who was watching me, a proud look on his face. “There’s something I want to try, do you mind?” he asked suddenly, his eyes drawn to my breasts, which were glistening with sweat.

“After that you can do fucking anything you want” I replied still only barley able to move. He threw off his clothes and straddled my abdomen. this gave me an up close view of his shaft. It was this first penis I had seen in real life and I was struck by its size, I hadn’t put anything bigger than two fingers inside myself and his member was much thicker and much longer than my fingers. However he was straddling my abdomen, nowhere near my pussy and I watched him position himself wondering what on earth he was planning to do to me. I watched as he pushed my breasts together and slowly slid his shaft between them. I could feel the slippery per-cum oozing from the end of his cock to coat my cleavage. His tip emerged from between my boobs just as his balls came to rest at the base of my breasts.

I was starting to recover and the forbidden sight of my cousins tip started to excite me again. what excited me even more though was his face as he started to thrust back and forth. I realized then that while I had had a massive and satisfying orgasm Kevin hadn’t even been touched.

I reached out and ran my hands up his body which was toned despite his bookish nature due to regular rowing and runs through the Galway countryside. I used my biceps to push my breast together which let him release his hands which focused on my nipples, he gently tugged and pinched them as he humped my cleavage.

His pre-cum had soaked my cleavage and was running down my stomach and smearing up onto my nipples. His thrusts got faster and faster as well as longer. His tip started to thump into my chin leaving smears of pre-cum which started to pool in the well of my throat. Being covered in cum made me feel so dirty, so filthy and the fact fact that it was my cousins cum made it even dirtier. I loved feeling dirty, I loved it a lot and I wanted more, I had to make him cum I had to get his seed to spurt out onto me I wanted it so much. I bent my head forward, causing the cum pooled in my throat to drip round my neck, I opened my mouth and took the tip of Kevins penis into my mouth as he thrust forward. He let out a groan slowing right down as I clamped my lips around the base of the tip and started flicking with my tongue. He started to thrust again but only a little bit rubbing the base of his penis between my luscious breasts and moving the swollen sensitive tip in and out of my mouth. Even when he was he was pulled back I flicked my tongue out flicking the tip and tasting the salty pre-cum.

I had always been fascinated by cum when ever I had watch porn or read about sex and tasting it for the first time was very exciting, at first I didn’t like it but as I got more use to the tangy taste and associated it with the situation I started to love it. I was still thinking about the taste of cum when Kevin started groaning louder and he thrust harder ending up with his balls between my breasts and his cock jammed half in my mouth as he gave a final shuddering grunt. I felt his balls clench on my chest and could feel his body shudder in the fraction of a second before he exploded into my mouth. the force of the cum shooting into my mouth make me choke a bit making the first pulse of cum run out over my bottom lip. He pulled back thinking he was hurting me and I felt a glob of cum hit my cheek just bellow my eye, and another hitting the top of my forehead and mixing with my hair. the last few pulses of cum had far less power and splashed over my neck and breasts. I could taste the actual cum in my mouth and it had a much stronger flavor than the pre-cum, it was more musky and the texture was thicker. I swallowed what was still in my mouth licking my lips to catch the droplets that were hanging there.

Kevin was breathing heavily, a broad lopsided grin on his face. He looked like he was ready to lie back and sleep but having him thrusting on top of me and then covering me in cum had really got me going again. So I pushed him down so that he was laying back on the blanket. “Now its my turn to try something” His penis was starting to soften flopping over to the left. I straddled over his calves and knelt down, bending my lithe curvy body forward. I took his drooping shaft in my hand rubbing along its length that was still slick with pre-cum with a few pearls of cum still beading up on the tip. I started massaging the cum up and down the shaft which stopped deflating.

When I lent down and gave the tip a light kiss his shaft twitched and Kevin let out a light groan. I ginned at his pleasure and then took the tip of his penis into my mouth flicking the end with my tongue again but this time I had my hands wrapped around the base of the shaft that was starting to harden again. I remembered something I had seen in porn and as i started to move my hand up and down I started twisting round the shaft as well. Kevin was now rock hard again and I could taste fresh pre-cum leaking out of his sex. The cum that covered my face and cleavage which had been dripping slowly onto Kevin was slowly starting to dry and harden onto my skin.

I was finally unable to contain my desire so I moved up Kevin’s body until I was straddling over his penis but I couldn’t bring my self to slide down and insert him into me. He was my cousin and like a brother to me. So instead I pressed vagina along the length of his penis trapping his penis between my sex and his body. I was rubbing up and down pressing him against my clitoris thrusting my hips back and forth, giving him a view of of my flat stomach flexing as I pushed forward.

Then I pulled back a bit further that I meant to and as I pulled back the tip pf his penis caught and slid upward into me. I gasped as he was suddenly deep inside me, I could feel him filling me up pressing outward against the sensitive walls of my vagina. After a slight pause of surprise I realised how good it felt. I started to ride him hard and fast gasping in pleasure as my boobs rose and fell. I could feel his hands on my hips guiding my thrusts as I pushed against him.

Then his hands grip me hard forcing me to stop. I opened my eyes glaring down at him “Sorry, I was close to cumming but I wanted it to last longer” he smiled up at me.

I grinned back giving a little wiggle to tease him “Ok, shall we try a different position?”

“Oh yes, can we try doggy style?” he asked grinning up at me.

“Yeah OK, sounds like fun”

I slid of him making a wet pop and moved off and knelt over onto all fours.and he positioned himself behind me and slid slowly into me. he started to speed up sliding into and out of my tight hole easily because of how lubricated I was down there. each thrust was making my breasts bounce back and forth. I turned back watching his toned body plough into me. He thrust harder and harder slowly forcing me down into blanket pressing my breasts down into the ground. he lent further over me and continued to slide in and out harder and faster. “Oh God Kevin I’m getting close, I’m getting so fucking close”

“Cum for me Katie, Cum for me” he whispered into my ear.

That was all I needed to finally push me over the edge for the second time that day as I threw my head back gasping as my body pulsated, twitching as the orgasm washed over me. It wasn’t as big as the first one but the feeling of my pussy lips clenching around my cousins cock was immensely satisfying.

As my orgasm finally died down I flopped to the blanket, drained and satisfied. I felt Kevin pulling out of me, I assumed he was finished too but before I could stop him he slid back but into my tight unlubricated ass hole.

I gasped, he seemed so much bigger, expanding my ass hole to a size it should not have been. Luckily his cock was so lubed up from my recent orgasm that it wasn’t unbelievably painful but I was still uncomfortable as he moved in and out each thrust making me gasp. I was about to ask him to stop when he said “I’m nearly there, OH fucking GOD” He sped up and I bit my lip to stop me self shouting out as he thrust in. A final thrust and I felt a pulse of cum pump deep into my ass as he pulled out shooting the rest of the cum up my back and into my hair. I shivered in pleasure as I was given another shower in cum.

We lay there with him still inside me catching out breath. “Well that was fun” I finally said.

“Hah, yeah. Ready to go again?” he joked.

I laughed “No, I think I may have to wait a while”

“So we could do this again?” he asked

“Oh yeah I’m not done practicing yet” I wanted more practice, I wanted more sex, and I wanted more cum.


To be continued, next time with a few more family members.