Neighbour Surprise

It was early evening, I had the television on but wasn’t really taking much notice of what was actually showing. I had the house to myself, my wife and kids had gone to visit her sick mother, I couldn’t go with them due to work commitments. I was bought out of my daydream by a sound from my phone. Thinking they may have been texting me an update, I picked up the phone eagerly. I looked at my screen blankly. It said I had a Bluetooth message, I hadn’t realised my Bluetooth was switched on.

“On my own, all out. Need to talk about something,” read the message. I didn’t recognise the number it had been sent from, I didn’t have it stored.

“Who is this?” I asked back.

“Next door,” was the reply.

Diana can’t have a leak again, surely? Part of me wished she did. We’d seen each other a couple of times since that day, but both times other people were there so couldn’t speak about it. My phone pinged again.

“Come in the same way as last time.”

I decided to walk around rather than jump over the fence, it seemed more appropriate. I tried the back gate and it was unlocked. I turned and shut the gate behind me, then continued to the kitchen door. I tried the handle and it turned, so I entered the kitchen. The light wasn’t on, but I didn’t want to call out. I assumed Diana hadn’t mentioned anything or her hubby would have come looking for me by now, but I was still a little skeptical, the messages seemed a little cryptic.

I’d been in the house for about 30 seconds listening out when I heard footsteps coming towards the kitchen. The door opened, a hand reached out and turned on the light, and she walked in. It wasn’t Diana, it was her daughter Alice.

Alice was nineteen years old and at university. She usually lived in halls there, but it was between Spring and Summer terms so she was back home for a while. My mouth dropped open in shock. Not only was I not expecting her, but I also don’t think she was expecting me either judging by what she was wearing or not wearing more like.

She stood in the doorway, wearing a black lacy corset with a zip front and suspender straps, and matching black stockings, and a black lacy thong. The set was complete with a pair of black high heels. We both froze.

Alice looked around the kitchen, presumably for something to cover up.

“What are you doing in here?” she asked.

“Erm, I thought your mum wanted me for something,” I replied.

“Like what?” she asked, looking puzzled. I had no idea whether to go with the truth or not, I couldn’t work out what was happening, everything seemed a blur.

“Is she in?” I blurted out.

“No, she’s popped out for a while. Dad’s out for the night though if you wanted to speak to him instead?”

She saw me looking her up and down, she was trying to cover up but had only found a small kitchen towel which didn’t really help.

“I was trying on some outfits for next time I see my boyfriend,” she said, by way of an explanation

“Whatever else you’ve tried on, that’s the winner right there,” I said. I thought I’d said that in my mind, but no, I actually said it out loud.

She smiled and thanked me for the compliment.

“What did she want to talk to you about?” Alice asked.

“I don’t know, the message just said she needed to talk about something,” I answered.

“Did you think there may be another leak?” she said, a big smirk came on her face.

“I don’t know what you mean?” I tried to look puzzled but wasn’t very convincing.

“Oh we both know you know exactly what that means,” she shot back. I decided to front her out. Diana couldn’t have told her own daughter, surely. But then how did know about the leak specifically?

“I asked mum for her phone the other day. I needed to speak to my aunt, and I hadn’t got her number stored on my phone,” she continued.

“I clicked on the wrong button, onto her pictures folder. There’s a folder just entitled D. Obviously I was intrigued, so I clicked to open it. Six assorted dick pics in there. Very nice dick too. She really did try to hide your face.” She had a smug look on her face.

“If there’s no face then why do you think it’s me of all people?” I asked.

She pointed behind me, to a kettle.

“You see that?” she said. “It’s stainless steel. It’s very reflective. It’s in the background of one of the pictures. And if you’re clever enough to open the picture and zoom in on the kettle, you can see someone’s face. Your face actually.”

“I don’t know why you’re saying this, but I don’t believe you,” I replied.

She turned and walked out through the door. Her arse was beautiful as it jiggled away in front of me. She ignored the fact she was hardly wearing anything, and bent over and reached into her bag. She picked up her phone and walked back toward me while pressing the screen. She handed me her phone.

“This picture.”

I took the phone, looked for the kettle, and zoomed in. Sure enough, my face appeared, a little blurry but obvious enough that it was me. I handed the phone back to her.

“We’ve had a few conversations about it actually, but that wasn’t good enough proof that I needed. I sent the picture to my phone as evidence,” she told me.

“Evidence for what? I asked. “Are you threatening to tell your dad or something?”

“Well that would be silly, then he may find out about me and Diana too. The evidence was for your eyes.”

“Find out what about you and Diana?” I said. The cogs turned in my head, and the penny dropped.

“But, she’s your mum!”

“Actually she’s my step-mum. I know we have similar features and are a similar build, but she’s not my birth mum. Not many people outside of the family know that.”

She explained that her own mum had left after having an affair when Alice was only two years old, and her dad and Diana had got together about six months later, so she’d always called her mum.

“I still don’t know why Diana would send me a message to speak to me, then go out. I don’t understand,” I told her.

“Because she didn’t silly,” said Alice, laughing. “I did. And there’s no boyfriend. The outfit was for your eyes, you just got around here quicker than I expected, that’s why I seemed shocked. It’s a good job you like it!”

“Ok, I get it now, but you said the picture was evidence. Evidence for what?”

“So you’d have to fuck me. Either that or I sent this, and the other pictures, to your wife. And last resort, to my dad too. I wonder who’d be angrier with you?”

“I’m happily married, but if it’s offered on a plate by someone as stunning as you, I’d be forever lamenting missing the opportunity,” I answered.

“That’s settled then,” she replied, “But I’m classier than Diana. No kitchen sex on wet floors for me, I’d rather be comfortable.”

She turned and walked towards the stairs, stopped, and made sure I was following, and walked slowly up. I playfully slapped her arse and she giggled. “Can’t you wait?” she asked.

She entered her bedroom and turned on both of her bedside lamps. She instructed me to get undressed and slipped off her thong. She didn’t need to undo the garter straps, she’s put the thong on last. Once undressed she told me to lie on the bed. She reached for my cock and started to stroke it until I was fully erect.

“It looks better than on the pictures!” she gasped.

She stopped and opened her curtains to look outside. She said she’d thought she’d heard a car pilling up outside, but was mistaken. She climbed onto the bed the opposite way from me and hooked a leg over me, so we were in the sixty-nine position. She leaned down and took my cock in her mouth while repositioning her arse to get her pussy in the best place for me to access it. My tongue shot out and went straight to her clit, and she shuddered as she realised her goal. she teased me into staying in place by squeezing her thighs on either side of my head, I didn’t object as the feel of her stockings was nice.

After a while, she took her mouth off me, but I kept licking at her clit. I thought I could hear voices, but I decided my mind was playing tricks on me. I felt the bed move and her mouth returned to my cock. I looked up at her back above me, rather than bent over she seemed to be more upright. How is she sucking my cock at that angle I thought. I reached my hands up and tweaked at her nipples, she must have liked that as her own hands covered mine to keep them in place. Then I felt a hand on my cock.

I pushed upwards quickly and she almost fell off the bed. I looked at the bottom of the bed, where Diana was standing, my cock in her hand.

“What the fuck! Where did you come from?” I asked.

Alice explained it had been planned that Diana would return fifteen minutes after she’d sent her a text to say I was in the house. Not only had Alice told Diana that she wanted to try my cock out, Diana told her she also wanted a repeat performance.

“Have you told him the other thing too?” Diana asked Alice.

“Not yet, I was waiting for us to get acquainted properly first,” she answered.

“What other thing?” I enquired.

“You took my anal virginity,” Diana explained, “Alice wants you to take hers too.”

Having seen Alice’s arse up close going up the stairs, I was only too happy to oblige and told them both. Alice and Diana actually high-fived over me!

Diana went back to sucking on my cock, taking care to coat every part of it and get it as wet as possible. She asked me to kneel up on the bed, and Alice lay down. Diana stopped sucking me for a minute, and reached between Alice’s legs, and stuck three fingers up her wet pussy. They went up with ease. Once she’d got into a rhythm she returned her mouth to my cock. Alice was squirming like mad on the bed, very obviously loving Diana’s touch. It didn’t take Alice long to orgasm, and she turned over onto her front.

Diana moved off me, and raising Alice’s arse, started to lick her arsehole. She used Alice’s pussy juices to coat her fingers and inserted two fingers up her. She started to build up a steady rhythm and turned to face me. She beckoned over her shoulder, directing me to go behind her. She reached back with her spare hand and pulled her pussy lips apart for me. I knelt behind her and pushed my cock into her. She squealed and starting to thrust her fingers in Alice’s arse with more urgency. Alice came again, and it triggered Diana into her orgasm too. Her pussy gripped me tightly while she came, it took all of my concentration not to come myself.

Diana got up and pushed Alice onto her side. She stroked her thighs on either side of her stocking tops and said she wished she’d have worn sexy undies too now. I reminded her she had stockings on last time for me, and it was a nice contrast anyway. She smiled and blew me a kiss.

Diana lay on the bed, my cock hovering above her face. She reached up and licked the underside of it, making me twitch. She grabbed Alice’s arm and pulled on top of her, her arse right in front of me. Alice instinctively leaned down and started to lick Diana’s pussy and clit. In return, Diana stuck two fingers into Alice’s pussy, removed them, and stuck them into her arse. They went in with ease, she looked up and told me Alice was ready.

I leaned forward but first stuck my cock up her pussy. She was soaked, and I slid straight in the first time, she groaned at feeling the entire length of my cock in her. I slid in a couple of times, then took my cock out. I held it steady, it was soaking wet with her juices. I put the head of my cock onto her arsehole and moved it in very slowly. She cried out with just the head in, and I wondered if she was going to stop me. I withdrew again, and she pushed her arse back onto me. My cock slid in, and she stopped licking Diana just long enough to look over her shoulder and tell me to fuck her arse.

I slid back into her pussy one last time, then back into her arse. She took half of my length straight away, but she was really tight. I built up a rhythm as Diana licked at her clit, and pushed three fingers into her pussy. Diana was first to come, and she shook underneath us both. Alice quickly followed, her pussy and arse clamping shut on Diana’s fingers and my cock. I waited for her to relax then pulled my cock out of her arse and started to masturbate quickly. I knew I wouldn’t be far behind them. I was still pointing right at Alice’s arsehole when Diana stuck out her tongue, it slid along the base of my cock as I wanked it.

That was the tipping point, and I came all over Alice’s arse, and Diana’s face. I slumped back on the bed, while Diana reached up and licked all my come off Alice, then Alice turned around and the two of them kissed passionately in between Alice licking the come from Diana’s face. Once they’d finished on each other, they both turned and took it in turns to lick my cock clean.

Diana looked at the clock and told me she wasn’t trying to get rid of me so soon, but her hubby would be back from the pub in around fifteen minutes, and they both needed to clean up before he arrived too.

I got dressed, kissed them both, and returned home.