Teenage Dreams


It was a hot day. The heat haze rippled the air above the road as the old Mustang roared along with its windows down.

Inside. Keely had her head below the dashboard as she sucked her boyfriend’s cock. Bobbing her head up and down at a steady pace. Enthusiastically savoring the taste of his meaty black flesh.

Marius flicked his eyes down to meet hers, taking them off the road momentarily, as she gobbled his dick.

“Yeah baby. God yeah. You’re amazing.” He said huskily before quickly returning his gaze to the road. He was finding it hard to concentrate.

Keely felt a warm tingle at his words. She loved the sound of his voice and that he had complimented her. She loved that she was making him so hard and the way he could not keep his eyes off her for long.

As she worked her way down his lengthy shaft. She tried to imagine what it would feel like to have it in her pussy. It was way bigger than her last boyfriend’s cock and she wondered if it would all fit.

Keely had never let a boy fuck her. She had kept her numerous boyfriends happy with either her hands or her mouth. But Marius was so different with his dark skin and gentle demeanor. He was not brash or boastful and she was seriously considering going all the way with him.

Suddenly. His cock began to spurt. Warm semen flooded her mouth as Marius ejaculated without warning.

Keely spluttered in surprise, spraying saliva and cum from the sides of her mouth. More cum pumped from his cock to refill her mouth as she got control of herself and firmed her lips around his shaft.

As he continued to ejaculate. Keely began to swallow his semen in quick gulps. The taste was enjoyable to her and she greedily swallowed the thick goop.

Breathing through her nose once he stopped spurting. She slid her mouth down his shaft and sucked hard to milk out the last drops.

Marius sighed as Keely sat up and settled back into her seat. She used a finger to wipe the edges of her mouth and then grinned at him.

“Good?” she asked with a small giggle after licking her finger clean. Her blue eyes twinkling with naughty thoughts.

“Yeah. So good.” He answered goofily as he gazed at her. Completely entranced by how hot she looked.

Keely wriggled her bum and hips like a happy puppy. Her braless tits jiggled under a spaghetti strapped crop top that barely covered them. Hard nipples puckered the white cotton to show she was still aroused.

Droplets of perspiration were on her chest, neck and face. Some of her long blonde hair stuck to her face and neck. Darker from the rest from her sweat.

What lipstick remained on her lips was smeared and some of her mascara had run. She looked a hot and sweaty mess as she used both hands to brush back her hair.

“Eyes on the road honey.” She laughed out when she saw he was transfixed by her boobs.

Marius grinned and jerked his eyes back to the road. Back to the heat hazed tarmac that the car still raced along.

“Mind putting me away babe?” he requested ruefully. His flaccid cock still lay against his thigh.

Keely reached over. She handled his dark meat with care as she tucked it back into his jeans and then zipped him up.

“We made a mess. Better pull over at a gas station to clean up. I don’t wanna meet your dad covered in your goo.” She giggled out. Aware that some of his seed was in her hair and that she had probably missed a bit on her face and neck.

Marius nodded his agreement. “Good call babe. I need gas anyway.” He said to her. Flashing straight white teeth in another smile.


Montrell Turner switched off the TV when he heard his son’s car pull up. He recognized the sound easily because he had retuned the Mustang’s engine himself. The car had been fast before but now it had a purer purr.

Expecting to meet the white girl that his son had been dating. He had had a shave and put on a clean shirt and jeans.

Always smart looking. He had still made extra effort not to embarrass his son by appearing slovenly. He knew how much Marius had been talking about Keely and that his boy was keen on the girl.

When the front door opened. Montrell smiled warmly at Keely.

“Nice to meet you at last Keely. My boy has been talking non-stop about you.” He said in greeting.

Keely blushed slightly and smiled back. Looking up at the towering form of Montrell. He was a good head taller than his son and far broader across the shoulders. His hand engulfed hers as he shook it gently.

She immediately liked him and felt herself teetering on the edge of a massive crush. His deep and mellow voice, combined with his powerful appearance, made her chest tighten and tummy flipping.

“Pleased to meet you too Mr Turner. I been pestering Marius to introduce us.” She gushed and fluttered her eyelashes.

“Ugh huh. Is that so.” He said with a raised eyebrow at his son. Thinking that good girls like Keely only wanted to meet parents when they were getting serious with a boy.

Keely read the look and blushed a bit more. “I mean. It’s just polite since Marius has been helping me so much with my math.” She quickly interjected. “I know it’s taken him away from helping you.”

“Nah. It’s good that he’s helping you out. My boy’s brain should be used for more than cars.” Montrell said with a dismissive gesture and warm smile.

Marius guided Keely past his father. Feeling a bit embarrassed by the exchange.

“You want a drink? We got lemonade, Gatorade, water?” he asked quickly.

“Water. Thanks.” Keely replied as she was practically hustled past her boyfriend’s father and into a decent sized living room.

Montrell followed and could not help but admire Keely from behind. She had long slim legs and a peach shaped tush encased in tight jeans shorts that were cut high enough to show a portion of her lower buttocks.

Her ass looked firm and yet soft as her hips swayed from side to side.

“Take a seat.” Montrell said as his son went to the kitchen.

Keely looked around the room. A finger nervously playing with a lock of her hair. Twirling the blonde lock around it as she realized that her boyfriend’s family were better off than hers.

She sat down. Her big blue eyes taking in the well-made furniture, booklined shelves and fine Persian rugs.

“You sure have a nice house Mr Turner.” She complimented. Returning her gaze to his incredibly handsome face.

“Thank you. We worked hard to get it.” Montrell responded with a smile.

Marius returned with a glass of water for Keely and spoke as he handed it to her.

“Yeah. My dad started out as a mechanic but now owns two dealerships.” Marius explained proudly. He rarely boasted about himself but was immensely proud of his father’s achievements.

She nodded thoughtfully. She had not known that her boyfriend was rich. Other than the cool car he drove, there was no indication he was from a wealthy family. She had assumed that being black, his family were not much better off than hers. Perhaps poorer.

Mentally. She berated herself. She knew that such assumptions were racist and that she should have known better. For the first time since dating him, Keely felt guilty about the difference in their skin color. The guilt was slightly assuaged by the fact that Mr Turner had clearly done well for himself.

“That’s great. You didn’t tell me your dad owned any dealerships.” She said and then turned to Montrell with a smile. “Marius only told me that you had helped him retune his car and that he helped you on the weekends with a bunch of cars too.” She explained to his father.

Montrell smiled and nodded in understanding. “He’s modest and don’t like to brag none. Neither of us do.” He told her happily. Proud of his son.

Keely sipped her water as a small silence descended. She felt slightly intimidated by Montrell, his wealth being part of it. His size and good looks the other. She had not expected to find her boyfriend’s father so attractive. Looking at him made her tummy fill with butterflies and she felt herself flushing red again.

Marius noticed her reddening face.

“So, erm, you wanna go study?” he offered. Worried that she was feeling out of her depth with his dad.

“Yeah. Yeah. Totally.” She replied quickly. Setting her drink aside and getting to her feet in a rush. Desperate to get away because she could not help stealing looks at the well-muscled Montrell and his handsome features.

Montrell politely rose to his feet when she did.

“Nice seeing you Keely.” He said.

Keely went to Marius and took his hand. “yeah. Totes. Like. Really nice to meet you too. Sir.” She replied. Giving a small wave of her hand in goodbye. Looking up through her bangs at him. Head slightly down as if shy.

Montrell watched as his son led the cute girl away. Taking her upstairs to his room. Once more he appreciated her rear and slim legs.

Softly, he spoke. “I hope you tap that cute ass good and hard son. God knows I’d love to.” He said under his breath. Ruefully shaking his head as he thought of Keely on all fours to receive a hard fucking in her excellent tush.

The pair disappeared up the stairs and Montrell adjusted the slight bulge in his pants. He had not gotten laid in a while. Work had kept his mind occupied after his wife died in childbirth.

Girlfriends had come and gone as he rarely committed to them. His son and his business had always been more important.

Keely’s youth and cute looks should not have affected him so strongly. He knew that on a logical level. But could not help imagining what it would be like to thoroughly ravage her. There was something about her that made him want to do some truly dirty things to her.

He felt a twinge of guilt for his thoughts and shook his head once more.


“Sorry about my dad.” Marius apologized as he stepped aside to let Keely enter his bedroom. He had noticed how uncomfortable she had looked and made the wrong assumption.

“Oh no. It is fine. He’s great.” She replied as she took in the large room with its giant bed, posters on the walls and a long desk that held his PC. She was a bit surprised how neat it all was and felt a small pang of embarrassment about her own, clothes strewn, bedroom. A room he had seen three times and in which she had blown him twice.

“You sure babe? You looked kinda… freaked?” he asked as he sat on the edge of his bed.

Keely turned on her best smile as she walked towards him. Deliberately adding extra sway to her hips as she approached.

“Yup. I’m good.” She said huskily as she knelt between his knees and rubbed both his thighs. A naughty twinkle in her eyes. “Where did we leave off?” she teased. Licking her upper lip salaciously.

Marius coughed and then gulped. His cock began to throb in anticipation.

“We. We… erm… well. You had just finished sucking my dick.” He replied nervously. Glancing towards his closed but unlocked door.

Keely crossed her arms and grasped the bottom of her crop top. She lifted it up and removed it in one quick and smooth motion. Her bare tits came into view. Soft cones of pale flesh that had pink puffy nipples. Nipples that showed she was already aroused as they firmly poked out at him.

“Oh yeah. Now I remember.” She said breathily as her hands went to the buckle of his belt. “Guess we should get to the next level.” She told him and bit her lower lip naughtily as she undid his belt and unzipped his jeans.

She had a hunger in her now. One that she realized she could not feed without sex.

Marius was a little surprised at how forward she was being. He nodded dumbly as he gazed at her bared tits. They jiggled slightly as she undid his belt and unzipped him.

Keely liked his stunned reaction and loved the feeling of control she was getting. She yanked at his boxers and jeans together.

He lifted his hips to help her remove both at the same time and she grinned.

His large cock stood erect and pointing up to the ceiling. The dark and thickly veined shaft seemed to catch the sunlight that streamed through his big windows. She licked her lips again as she rose to her feet. Her hands going to the buttons of her shorts as she did.

“Keely?” he said in a surprised whisper as she hooked her thumbs into the waistband and wriggled her shorts and panties down to display a trimmed golden bush that caught the sunlight.

She shook her head and pressed a finger to his lips. Silencing him.

“Don’t talk.” She said firmly and then replaced her finger with her mouth when he nodded in acquiescence.

They kissed slowly at first.

Marius removed his T-shirt between kisses and kicked off his shoes. Not quite believing that Keely was completely naked and in his arms.

Her pale naked flesh pressed against his midnight black body as her kisses became deeper and more feverish.

Kissing and gasping. Hands exploring each other’s bodies. They wormed their way onto his bed until he was flat on his back and Keely was straddling him. Her moist pink pussy lips teasingly rubbing up and down his throbbing black shaft.

Every time he began to say something. Keely’s mouth pressed against his and smothered the words. She did not want him to say anything that might spoil what they were about to do. She had learnt that boys said stupid shit when they were worked up. Stuff that often spoiled the mood.

Nothing ruined a blowie more than a guy panting out something idiotic or demanding.

Marius got the message and stopped trying to talk to her. He was horney as hell and decided that staying silent was his only option if he wanted this to go all the way. Something that he was praying for and had not imagined Keely would be up for just yet.

Once she felt she was in full control of the situation. Keely felt comfortable enough to lean back and look down at him. He lay beneath her with an open mouth and nervous eyes. Silently praying that his dad would not decide to check in on them as he breathed heavily.

She licked her lips and then bit the corner of her lower lip as if nervous. She was a little hesitant as she lowered her hips and felt the tip of his cock against her pussy.

Marius seemed frozen and hardly dared to breathe as she worked her hips back and forth. Tentatively getting used to the feeling of a cock parting her outer lips.

It felt good as his precum mixed with her own wetness to slick her slit. She breathed deeply as she pressed down and then let out a small gasp as the tip of his cock stretched and parted her outer and inner lips.

Wide eyed. She let out another gasp as she rose. Her mind whirled with the new sensation and knowledge that she could and would do this.

Just as eager as her boyfriend was to lose her virginity. Keely positioned herself once more. Relishing the way his dick opened her up as she slid a bit further down his shaft. Taking its head and a few inches of his shaft into her. She winced and then nodded to herself as she felt the way it stretched her with its girth.

The momentary pain was not important and had been expected. Her friends had told her what might happen when she first took a cock.

“Unnggg…. Ummm.” she moaned out softly as she began to undulate. Using less than half his cock to stimulate herself.

Marius nodded his head and closed his eyes. It felt so warm and moist to be inside her.

Keely felt comfortably full when she let herself take another two inches. She lay on him and kissed his lips. Working her hips slowly as they shared a blissful kiss, tongues and jaws working.

Feeling confident. Marius placed his hands on her hips and thrust upwards just as slowly as she was working her own body.

She winced slightly but did not stop or berate him. she wanted to feel all of him inside her now.

Unbidden. The thought of his father doing this to her floated through her mind. The thought turned her on even more and she thrust backwards as he thrust up. Fully impaling herself upon his full length as she did so.

“Ahh.” She gasped out in a mixture of surprise, pain and pleasure.

“Shit. You okay babe?” Marius inquired quickly.

Keely clamped her hand over his mouth and nodded as she began to buck her hips faster. Bouncing up and down his cock in a sudden frenzy.

Her eyes glazed over as she worked faster and faster. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh and the squelch of their coupling filled the room. Keely hardly heard it as her brain began to explode with pleasure. She had never imagined anything could feel this good.

She fully impaled herself time after time in wild abandonment. Uncaring of the squeals and gasps that were issuing from her mouth. Too immersed in the new and wonderful sensations that she was experiencing.

“Oh. Oh. Oh… Unnngggggg.” She yelped out and then moaned as her body began to convulse. With her pussy filled to the absolute limit and stretched around his shaft. She experienced the most powerful orgasm of her young life. Far better than anything she had done to herself.

Marius gasped for air when her hand fell from his mouth and she collapsed on top of him. Her body spasming for a few seconds as the orgasm rolled through her.

He panted and gulped air into starved lungs.

Keely nuzzled his chest lazily and then mouthed one of his nipples. Savoring the salty taste of his sweat slicked body. “Good?” she asked muzzily.

Somewhat recovered. Marius rolled her onto her back. He was still rock hard and deep inside her as he nodded and began to fuck her for himself.

“Yeah.” He told her as he thrust in and out in fast eager strokes.

Keely gave a small gasp when he first slammed into her and then blinked her eyes in shock. It felt different with him on top and pounding her.

“Wai… mmmffff.” She tried to say but was cut off by his hand slapping over her mouth. Fair was fair as far as Marius was concerned. She had got hers. Now he wanted his.

Her eyes bulged as he rammed in and out in four or five fast thrust before suddenly grunting. His lower body seemed to judder as his cock twitched and ejaculated inside of her.

Like she had. He collapsed onto her as he finished. Cock dumping the last of his cum in weaker spurts.

Keely lay pinned to his bed by his weight and looked at the ceiling. She felt a bit used and tried to rationalize away the feeling. She knew she had done the same to him in a way.

Marius kissed his way down her neck to her tits. Engulfing one puffy nipple and then the other with a sucking mouth that teased her teats with his teeth.

“That was so good babe.” He whispered happily as he switched back to the first tit and nipple.

Keely nodded numbly. She opened and closed her mouth twice to speak but could not find any words.

Her silence disturbed Marius and he lifted himself onto his hands to look down at her face. His deflating cock still inside her.

“You okay?” he asked with a tentative smile.

Keely looked up into his eyes.

“Yeah. I’m fine… you?” she replied after a moment.

“I’m sooo good babe.” He said. His grin blossoming wide.

She nodded again and then licked her lips.

“Can you get off now? I’m a bit sore.” She asked meekly.

Marius pulled out of her. Rolled aside and onto his back. He put his hands behind his head and gazed up at the ceiling. Totally content.

Keely sat up and felt between her legs. There was a growing pain inside her that she could not touch with her fingers. Still. She touched herself and winced.

“You shouldn’t have cum inside me.” She said softly as she lifted her fingers up and looked at the pink tinged semen that glistened upon them.

Marius turned his head towards her. His face questioning. “You ARE on the pill? Right?” he asked in fright.

She shook her head. “I was going to make you cum in my mouth.” She admitted.

He shot upright on the bed and looked at her in disbelief. Shocked, scared and angry all at the same time.

“WHAT?… It don’t work that way you… you… FUCK.” He said… “That’s why people use rubbers… Jesus Girl.” He yelled at her. Throwing his hands up in the air.

“Don’t yell at me. You held me down an spurted.” She yelled back.

Marius shook his head.

“Are you dumb? You could get pregnant even if I didn’t fully cum in you… there are sperm IN the precum too.” He told her in frustrated anger.

Keely opened her mouth and then snapped it shut. Her friends had told her it was okay if the guy pulled out before cumming, but she believed Marius. He was smarter than she was, and she knew it.

“You held me down.” She said in an angry whisper. Looking away.

“You did it to me first.” Marius objected. There was little force behind his reply because he realized that she had not wanted that. He had never wanted to hurt her.

Keely let out a sob and shook her head. Burying her face in her hands.

“I know. I’m sorry… I… It’s my first time.” she sobbed out in dismay. Her emotions roiling between guilt and anger.

Marius sighed and then reached for her.

Keely initially flinched and then accepted his arms around her.

He stroked her hair gently and kissed the top of her head.

“Sorry I shouted.” He said gently.

She nodded and then put her arms around his waist. Accepting his apology and wanting his comfort.


Montrell had heard the pair fucking. There was no way he could not have. Keely had been yelping and moaning so loudly that he had heard it in the kitchen.

At first, he had just smiled to himself, then become interested in other ways. He had made excuses to himself as he walked past the bottom of the stairs. Telling himself that he was going to watch the game.

He had paused at the bottom of the stairs and listened.

Keely had become louder and he could hear her flesh slapping against that of his son. “Lill’ white slut.” He said with a grin and then begun to ascend the stairs.

A few moments later. He was listening at his son’s door.

He heard Keely orgasm and stifled a laugh. She had cum loudly and there was no doubt in his mind that she had just enjoyed herself.

His hand went to his bulging pants and he pressed down against his hard cock. Thinking about how she must look when orgasming. Imagining her rapt facial expression as his son pumped cum into her.

Montrell pressed his ear to the door as he imagined her sweat drenched body. Limp and naked beneath himself and not his son’s.

For a moment there was silence and then the sound of fucking again. This time he could hear his son grunting in effort and the slap on flesh. Keely was making muffled noises and he guessed she was face down. Perhaps taking her second helping with her head biting a pillow.

It was over quickly though, and he shook his head in dismay as he listened to Marius grunting in satisfaction. “Gotta do better than that son.” He thought to himself. Thinking his son had finished too quickly.

“That was so good babe.” He heard through the door and shrugged. Believing it was all over and feeling a bit disappointed. Thinking that when he was younger, he had nailed prime pussy like Keely for far longer.

Montrell turned and left as quietly as he had snuck up. Padding away with care while thinking how he would have treated the slutty white girl. Slutty because she had willingly fucked his son a few moments after being introduced to his father. Slutty because she had unashamedly made enough noise to get his attention.


About an hour later…

Keely sat opposite her boyfriend. A large dinning table between them while Montrell sat at the head of the table.

An array of foods was laid out before them. A lunch of mixed meats, various dishes of vegetables and mashed potatoes.

“This is so nice Mr Turner. Thanks.” Keely said for something to say. The silence had been weighing on her as the older man eyed her and his son mirthfully. “really great food… erm… these potatoes are so good.” She garbled out in a fluster.

Montrell raised an eyebrow and then nodded. Amused by her obvious awkwardness.

“Microwaved. Blessed is the modern world. Everything is so fast.” He replied with a small laugh.

Keely swallowed a mouthful and felt her face flush bright red. She felt she was being teased but was not sure how.

Unsure how to respond. She gave a smile while partially hiding her face by lowering it. Eyes looking through her bangs as she nodded a bit stupidly.

“Really good. Better than my mom’s.” she declared stoically. While she tried to ignore the fact that she was getting wetter by the minute. Just looking at Mr Turner made everything moist and turned her insides to goo.

Marius felt a bit confused. Keely was a nice girl who never lied. The food was as awful as always when the cook was away. He had tasted her mother’s cooking and knew it was way better than this.

“No way. Your Mom’s cooking is way better.” He laughed out.

Keely forced herself to swallow another mouthful and shook her head determinedly.

“I love this. It tastes like… like… erm.” She tried to come up with something that sounded good.

“Like leftovers?” Marius supplied with a laugh.

“Microwaved leftovers.” His father added with a chortle.

Keely gave up and nodded.

“yeah.” She said sheepishly. Admitting defeat and blushing once more.

“Aww. You almost had me convinced.” Laughed out Montrell and slapped his thigh.

Keely laughed and smiled at him. Feeling thankful that he was not offended.

“it is kinda bad.” She admitted as she pushed her plate away.

Montrell and her boyfriend shared a laugh as they did the same.

“yup.” Agreed Marius.

“Totally… Like… really gross.” Montrell joked. Mimicking the way, he thought, that today’s kids talked.

Keely giggled and nodded. Warming to his teasing.

“yeah… like… O. M. G.” she said while grinning. Finally feeling comfortable enough to show that she had a sense of humor.

Montrell grinned widely and began to tease her about the way everything was awesome. She laughed, giggled and batted her eyelashes. Unconsciously flirting with him while feeling relaxed at the same time.

Marius felt left out. It was odd. His girlfriend was matching his father in a quickfire match of stupid jokes. Most of which he found much less funny than they seemed to find them. Added to that was the realization that Keely was being decidedly flirty and that his father was eating it up.

Jealousy flared up inside Marius and he stood to clear the table with a barely hidden frown on his face. He felt that Keely was making a fool of herself and that his father was encouraging her. Annoyed with both of them. He grabbed at the plates and clumsily knocked Keely’s water glass over to splash its contents over her chest.

Keely gasped as the ice-cold water hit her. Her mouth flying open as the water soaked her thin white tank top and plastered the material to her breasts.

Marius’ father’s eyes went wide as he saw Keely’s perky tits through the, now, almost transparent top she was wearing. Cute small breasts with pink hued puffy nipples that stood out firmly from the cold water.

A scant second passed as the men ogled her tits and she looked down at herself.

“Marius.” Scolded Montrell with a shout as he leapt to his feet and tore his eyes from Keely’s boobs. Glaring at his son firmly.

“Oh shit.” Marius gasped out at the same time.

Keely crossed her arms over her tits and blushed furiously as she turned away from them both and rose to her feet in one fast motion. A small whimper of embarrassed dismay escaping from her mouth.

“Sorry babe.” Marius apologized quickly. Grabbing at a napkin as he said it and stepping towards her.

“That ain’t going to help her none.” His father sighed out and shook his head. Stepping around the table to put his hands on her shoulders and guide her to the bathroom. Stopping his son from doing anything with a firm glare that rooted Marius to the spot.

Keely let herself be led to the bathroom and sidled into it with a small smile of thanks for Montrell. Her arms still covering her modesty.

“Use the towel on the railing. Its clean… I’ll go find you something dry to wear.” Montrose said gently with one hand on her back and the using the other to gesture at the towel.

The size of his hands was not lost on Keely. She could feel his right hand on the small of her back and tell that it completely covered her lower back.

Despite the awkwardness of the situation. She felt a tingle run up her spine from having him touch her. His hand felt warm and gentle too. Fatherly in one way and yet frighteningly erotic in another. She was aware of his closeness and breathed in his scent as she turned and looked up at him.

He smelt of fresh aftershave and masculinity. Much more intoxicating than his son.

With her head barely at the height of his chest. She looked up into his dark eyes and gave a hesitant attempt of a flirty smile.

“Erm thanks. But my shorts and panties got wet too… erm…” She felt color rising to her face. “Maybe you could find me something for that too?” she said. Then looked away. Annoyed with her blundering attempt and her blushing.

“Oh… Yes… Of course.” He replied. Removing his hand and turning away. His brain firing at the thought of her taking off everything. His cock involuntarily twitching in his pants as he imagined her stripping naked.

Keely watched out of the corner of her eyes as he left and closed the door behind himself. Then she looked up and sighed in frustration and guilt.

She knew she should not want to fuck him so badly. Knew that what she was thinking was wrong on so many levels but could not help thinking those things.

It was not just the water that was making her panties damp. Thoughts of her boyfriend’s father’s hands on her most intimate parts. His cock. His lips on hers. All of it had her already used pussy getting wet once more.

With a groan of horney despair. Keely grabbed the towel and pressed it to her chest.

“I’m such a bad person.” She said to herself as she looked at her reflection in the bathroom mirror.

She saw her pretty face and scrunched up her nose and stuck out her tongue. “Whatever.” Her reflection said back.

Keely tilted her head and dropped the towel. She began to argue with herself as she stripped off her top and then removed her shorts and panties. Dropping the lot in a messy pile by the sink.

“It’s wrong.”

“He’s fucking gorgeous.”

“And about forty… that’s… like… ancient.”

“More experienced.”

“Bigger than Marius too. I’ll bet.”

She shook herself as she dried off and then gave up the self-therapy. Deciding that it was not helping and just making her think more about the masculine hunk that was her boyfriend’s father.


Back in the dining room. Marius and his father locked eyes.

“What were you thinking son? You better haul ass and find that girl something to wear.” Montrose scolded and ordered.

Marius had recovered from his jealousy and confusion. He nodded in shame.

“Sorry Sir. I got shaky. Won’t happen again.” He apologized sincerely.

“Dam right it won’t… now git.” Montrell replied and pointed at the door.

His son gulped, nodded and quickly left. Determined to get to the stores and find something nice for Keely to change into.

With his son dispatched to fetch Keely fresh clothing. Montrell walked upstairs to his bedroom. He knew that there were a few items in his room that might fit Keely. Things that had been left over the years by old girlfriends.

Sending Marius to buy new clothes had not been unnecessary. It was more than an excuse to be alone in the house with Keely. He told himself while he reasoned that he should try to get to know Keely better. For his son’s sake. That was what he told himself as he pulled open a drawer and looked down at the sexy garments some of his ex’s had left.

Most of it was too big as he had usually dated women his own age. Most of them had been black too and with a more generous figure than the petite and very white Keely.

He pawed through the garments and finally pulled out a black cocktail dress that he guessed might fit her. It wasn’t suitable for daywear but would cover her up decently. There were no panties decent enough to give her. Those were all tiny thongs and he decided they would send the wrong message.

Little black dress in hand. He returned to the bathroom door and noticed it was ajar.

He told himself it was wrong but still padded froward and peeked.

Keely was stark naked. Her clothing and canvas shoes had been discarded and she was striking sexy poses in front of the mirror. Silly and exaggerated poses that made him smirk.

“Like this?” she asked her reflection in a coy voice as she bent over. Looking over her shoulder at her own bare ass and batting her eyelashes.

The pose was exactly the way he loved a woman to offer herself to him and his cock stiffened immediately.

He could clearly see her rounded tush in the mirror. See her asshole and pussy lips as she wiggled her buttocks and grinned at herself playfully.

“Holy shit.” He whispered as she arched her back and blew herself a kiss.

“Yeah. You want this. You wanna fuck ALL my holes. Don’t cha Mr Turner.” She breathed out huskily. Mimicking things she had seen on the internet. Not, for one moment, thinking what it was really offering if she said it to someone.

Montrell froze as he heard her. He blinked and then stared in amazement. She could not know he was there, and he realized she was pretending and fantasizing about him.

For a few seconds. He continued to watch as Keely licked her fingers, spread her legs and acted like a debauched slut in front of the mirror.

In her mind. She was acting out things she had seen or heard of. She displayed a mixture of wonton sexual desire and innocent miscomprehension as she tried to emulate those things.

She talked in husky whispers as she imagined what it would be like to be touched and wanted by the man she was fantasizing about. Saying the dirtiest things that she could think of as she began to finger herself and rub her clit.

Montrell gulped and shook his head to clear away the images he was seeing as he tore his eyes free and stood.

He took a few breaths and then knocked on the bathroom doorframe. Unwilling to knock on the door itself because it might swing open and reveal to her that he had been watching.

Keely froze for a millisecond before responding.

“Just a minute.” She squeaked out in breathless fright as she leapt upright and quickly wrapped the towel around her body.

Montrell could not help but grin. He was aware of why she sounded out of breath and squeaky.

“Mind if I come in? I got something for you to wear!” he asked and informed. Trying to keep his voice normal while smiling to himself.

There was a pause while Keely made sure she was covered.

“Yeah. Okay Mr Turner.” She replied after a moment. Her tone almost normal.

Montrell smoothed his expression as he pushed open the door. He averted his eyes as if worried he might catch her naked and stepped in.

“This should do until Marius gets back from the store.” He explained. Holding out the cocktail dress.

“Erm… Thanks… oh… oh wow. It’s beautiful.” Keely stammered out. Uncomfortable at first and then awed by the shimmering material of the, clearly expensive, dress.

“Hope it fits.” He said with an apologetic shrug.

Keely nodded dumbly as she accepted the dress. She had seen women wear such things in movies but had never imagined she would get to try one on.

“Wish I could fill it.” she breathed out. Noticing that it was for someone with a larger bust and ass. Reverently holding it against her body as she turned to the bathroom mirror. A grin splitting her face as she looked at herself. Her words were more for herself than for him.

“Come out when you’re ready.” he told her and turned away smoothly. Closing the door behind him.

Eagerly. Keely dropped her towel to the floor and pulled on the little black dress. She checked herself out in the mirror to see how well it fitted and was pleasantly surprised.

The hem brushed the tops of her thighs loosely rather than hugging to her hips and ass the way it was designed to do. But that looked okay on her slim figure. The thin spaghetti straps were a tad too long because it was designed to accommodate a bustier woman.

That meant that the triangles of material, that should have covered her breasts, were much lower and hung loosely. Barely covering her nipples while exposing most of the tops of her pert titties. Also dipping low on her chest to reveal a deep V of bare flesh between her cone shaped tits.

A swish of her hips and then a small twirl told her that the dress flared up easily. Its thin material floating upwards and then settling slower than something like a cotton dress would. She giggled to herself at the thought of it doing that in front of Mr Turner. He would get to see a good deal of her tushy and golden triangle.

A quick lean forward let the material gape to expose her nipples too. Again, she smirked. Liking the sexy potential of wearing it for Mr Turner.

Keely flicked her long blonde hair over her shoulders and reached for the bathroom doorhandle. Eager to show off her new look.

Barefooted. She padded into the living room.

“Thanks, Mr Turner. It fits really well.” She said to her boyfriend’s father coyly.

Montrell looked up and wished he could look away. She had an ethereal beauty to her in that dress. The fit was wrong yet right. It showed off her figure in a way that it was not meant to but seemed perfect for her.

Her pale skin and golden hair suited the shimmering black material while her cute titties and puffy nipples were close to being exposed if she moved excessively.

“Yeah… it definitely brings out… your eyes.” He said a bit hoarsely. Tearing his own eyes from her soft springy boobs to look at her large blue eyes. His cock stirring in his pants.

Keely smiled winsomely. “I’ll clean up the table.” She said cheerfully. Walking past him with a bit of extra sway to her hip. Heading for the dining table that still had the dirty plates and dishes on it.

Montrell watched her every move and gulped when she bent forward to pick up the plates. The short cocktail dress rode up to display her lower buttocks, significate thigh gap and shaved pussy lips.

She continued to clear the table in a cheerful manner. Humming to herself as she worked her way around the table until she was bending over it and facing him. The dress gaped dramatically. The twin triangles of material drooped down to expose her boobs almost completely.

Keely seemed oblivious. Her pink puffy nipples and pale tits swayed from side to side in full view of Montrose’s focused stare. Making him adjust the inflating cock meat in his pants once more.

She looked up from what she was doing and gave him a friendly smile. Her small titties still on display.

“Do you want me to keep any of this or should I put it in the trash?” she asked innocently.

“Er… Lets throw it away… Here. I’ll show you where.” He told her. Standing and moving towards her.

“Okay. Great.” She replied brightly. Standing upright with the plates in her hands. One of the thin straps slipping from her shoulder as she did so. Dangling loosely while her erect nipple held the tip of the black triangle precariously in place.

Montrell gulped again as his eyes focused on the flap of material. Aware that, if she moved, it would fall and fully expose her pert tit with it’s puffy pink areola and nipple.

“let me take those. You can grab those dishes.” He offered pleasantly. Stepping close and relieving her of the dirty plates. Averting his eyes just in time.

“oops.” Keely laughed out as her left tit was exposed and then adjusted the strap back into place without seeming alarmed.

Montrell willed himself to behave. Turning stiffly with his hard cock stretching his jeans. He led the way into the kitchen with Keely following and humming again.

“Trash can is over there Keely.” He told her. Gesturing with the plates to a steel trash can before setting them down by the sink.

Keely flipped open the lid and began to empty the dishes into the can. Bending low to do so and giving him another explicit view of her bare pussy lips, cutely shaped buttocks and tight looking asshole.

“I’ll wash up Mr. Turner. You can leave those dirty plates to me.” She informed. Looking over her shoulder at him. Still bending over to blatantly display her ass.

“Girl. You are offering things you don’t wanna offer.” He said with a sigh. Realizing that she was doing it all on purpose.

Keely turned. Standing upright with her head to one side in a questioning and innocent way.

“I don’t mind. I like being helpful.” She said with wide eyed innocence. Making it sound like she was talking about washing the dishes.

“Okay… wash away.” He replied. Stepping back and gesturing at the sink. Knowing she would take the chance to show him more.

Keely flounced to the sink. Making the floaty material of her new dress flare and flash her golden pubic hair.

“Anything you say Mr. Turner.” She said to him as she reached the sink. Looking up into his lust filled eyes. Emphasizing the ‘anything’ part of her words.

It was too tempting. Too easy and right there for the taking. Montrell gave up any claim to being a good parent as he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to him. his lips descending to hers and locking on.

Keely’s mouth opened willingly to accept his probing tongue as she stood on tiptoes and kissed him back. Her passion matched his as their lips and mouths worked feverishly. Her hands feverishly exploring his chest, arms and then his thick and strong neck.

She felt his hands pulling the hem of her skirt up and she breathlessly broke the kiss to let him raise it over her head and arms.

It fell to the floor without a sound as he discarded it and pulled her in again. Once more ravishing her mouth with his. One hand engulfed her buttocks, fingers reaching between the cheeks. The other caressing her spine.

Keely’s arms went around his neck. Surrendering to her fantasy completely while he teased her asshole with a finger and kissed her deeply.

She felt both his hands go to her hips and allowed him to turn her around. His mouth found hers again as she twisted slightly and silently begged for more kissing with smoldering eyes. Jaws worked and tongues pressed together in need.

With great experience. He managed to maneuver her into a half-bent position while pulling his cock out.

Kelly whimpered in passion as she felt his erection slide between her butt cheeks and then between her thighs. His massive dark-skinned cock slipped across her pale pink pussy lips as it entered her thigh gap.

He teased her. Slowly fucking her thigh gap as he mauled her tits and tweaked her rock-hard nipples until she was moaning into his mouth.

“Put it in me.” She begged as her pussy slicked the topside of his shaft.

“I will… god yes. I will.” He promised but continued to tease her until she was nearly cumming.

Keely could hardly stand the tension that was trembling inside her. She wanted him inside her so badly that it was almost painful. The way he was expertly playing with her tits and using his cock on her pussy lips had her dazed. He was stimulating her clit with his massive cock without entering her and it felt amazing.

“Yeah. You want it in you?” he asked passionately. One of his hands cupping her bum with its thumb caressing her tight taboo hole.

She nodded pitifully. Gasping in pleasure as he managed to get part of his thumb up her ass while stimulating her clit and tits at the same time.

“Yes. Yes. Put it in me.” She moaned desperately. Wanting to feel his cock inside her.

Montrell lifted her. Bending her over the sink with her feet dangling off the floor. Removing his thumb from her ass to grab the dishwash liquid.

Keely’s eyes flew wide open when he pressed the nozzle to her sphincter and injected her ass with the slick liquid.

“Oh… Oh…. What are you doing?” she gasped out in shock.

“You said anything I wanted. Remember?” he asked. “I want your cute little ass.” He informed breathily.

Keely looked over her shoulder at him with wide and frightened eyes.

“It… it won’t fit.” She blurted out in a mixture of shock and fright.

“It will… and I think you will like it… once you get used to it.” he told her. Rubbing his cock along her slit while massaging her ring gently.

Keely turned to look out of the window. The sun was shining, butterflies fluttered around a patch of flowers.

“Will it hurt?” she asked.

“A bit… then you won’t mind. I’m gunna make you cum harder than anything you have ever experienced.” He promised.

She blinked twice and looked back at his handsome face. She decided he must know what he was doing and gave a hesitant nod. “Okay… I guess it’s okay.” She whispered. Agreeing because his thumb was now, painlessly, slipping in and out of her anus. It felt odd but not bad.

He removed his thumb and brought the head of his cock to her taboo hole. Pressing the tip to it gently. Slowly pressuring the tight ring until it opened and accepted the head of his thick and meaty cock.

Keely whimpered and shook as she felt her anus being truly invaded for the first time. There was a fierce desire to deny what was happening until she felt a sudden pop and knew his head was in her.

“Ahhhhh… fuuccckkkkk…. Soooo big.” She half cried and half gasped.

He let her breath through the oddness and waited until she looked at him again.

Keely felt a strange mixture of sensations and emotions flood through her as she looked at his mature face. She felt humiliated. Dirty. Turned on. Full and stretched. All of it took less than a second.

Gasping and breathing heavily she nodded and then looked away. Gripping the faucet before her with both hands in anticipation of what was to come.

Surprisingly. He reached under her and began to stimulate her clit without pushing more of his cock into her ass.

His body covered her; she felt his lips kiss her neck gently. His other hand found a nipple and tweaked it as gently as he was kissing behind her ear.

Keely let out a moan of pleasure as her whole body lit up from his caresses. Kisses and teasing.

She twisted and brought her mouth to his. His hot lips and tongue swirled around inside her mouth as he brought her close to orgasming.

She could not forget what was in her ass but had to admit that what he was doing to her felt amazing.

Montrell worked her with expert care until she convulsed in her first orgasm. As she cried out in extasy. He pushed more of his cock into her ass.

“Oh… Oh god” Keely cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

Slowly and with care. He began to move back and forth while she was still shaking from her orgasm. Getting his cock deeper into her ass with each slow thrust.

Shuddering. Keely raised her head to look over her shoulder once more.

“I… I can’t… it’s too big.” She breathed out as she felt her insides stretched and filled in a way she had never experienced.

He smiled and shook his head.

“You just have.” He told her with his hips pressed firmly to her buttocks. His entire twelve inches were buried in her ass and his balls were resting against her wet pussy lips. His hands on her hips and a grin on his face.

Keely’s mouth dropped open in surprise as she realized what she was truly feeling inside her. It felt oddly good and totally wrong at the same time.

Montrell leaned in and kissed her shocked mouth. Slipping his tongue around hers until she responded and was kissing him back.

Keely reveled in the passionate kiss and the feel of him balls deep in her ass as his hands griped her hips.

“Fuck me.” She moaned passionately into his mouth. Wanting to experience the sensation of him fucking her ass.

He gripped her hips a bit tighter as he began to slide in and out of her stretched asshole. Working up to a steady rhythm that left her gasping with each thrust. Grunting in a mixture of pain and extreme pleasure.

Keely reached for her clit as she felt herself being ass fucked for the first time. Her fingers found her aching bean and rubbed it hard as she felt his massive cock slam in and out of her. His balls slapping against her pussy and hand as she frigged her clit.

She came and shuddered in another orgasm and then had one more as he grunted.

Whimpering in exhaustion. She felt him ejaculate into her ass. His cock jerked inside her as it spurted again and again to fill her rectum with his semen. She could feel it pulsing as it pumped and squirted cum into her.

Keely whimpered softly as she felt him empty himself into her tender anal passage. Not in pain, but in joy. She felt a deep satisfaction in having him cum in her. For long seconds, Keely breathed deeply as she reveled in the odd feeling of her ass accepting his cock and semen.

After a while. They collapsed with a sigh of complete satisfaction. He lay atop of her and panted for breath as desperately as she was. Both completely drained.

Time seemed to slow down for Keely. She felt his cock deflate inside of her ass as she tiredly wiped tears from her eyes. She had not even realized that she had been crying.

Nothing mattered to her in that moment. She felt complete. She did not care if what they had done was wrong. She did not care that she had been fucked in the ass. It had all felt too good.

“Do I still call you Mr. Turner?” she asked in a breathy whisper. Hoping for some sign that he wanted more.

Montrell pulled her face around and kissed her lips.

“Only in front of my son and other people. When we are alone… you can call my Monty.” He told her gently.

Keely smiled a tired smile and nodded. Pleased that he wanted to keep, whatever they had, going.

“okay… Monty… mind getting that monster out of my ass?” she giggled breathily.

He grinned and shook his head.

“It’s an hour drive to the store. Another back again” He told her. His cock starting to thicken and grow hard again.

Keely blinked in shock.

“Again?” she asked incredulously.

“Baby. You have no idea.” He growled out huskily as he began to move.

Keely grabbed the faucet once more. Her eyes wide in shock as she felt him begin to fuck her ass again. She almost wanted to tell him to stop. Almost.

Instead. She found herself slapping a hand to her mound and clit once more.


Author’s note…

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